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Energy Efficiency in Higher Education

Updated: Jan 7

CSUDH and other state institutions are major consumers of energy and natural resources. The university understands that it has a responsibility to be a "wise steward of scarce resources" by increasing energy efficiency and reducing waste. CSUDH is on the cutting edge of sustainability efforts, and actively engages faculty, students, and staff in on-campus sustainability efforts.

The university partnered with Alco Building Solutions (ABS) to implement the LED and intelligent lighting control upgrades needed to increase the Internet of Things (IoT) capability of the campus while reducing both energy consumption and overhead costs.

ABS offers robust solutions for our higher education, community college, K-12, and private education clients. The CSUDH project builds upon ABS’ unique product offering, including the School Project for Utility Rate Reduction (SPURR), awarded to ABS earlier last year. SPURR is a Joint Powers Authority (JPA) with over 250 members in California K-12 public school districts, community college districts, and county offices of education.

About Alco Building Solutions, Inc. (ABS)

Founded in 1995, Alco Building Solutions (ABS) has built a reputation with a customer-centric mentality and our commitment to excellent craftsmanship. As a licensed General B (Construction) Contractor, C-10 (Electrical) Contractor, and Certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE) in the State of California, ABS offers a full suite of solutions to meet the needs of our diverse client base.

ABS is a recognized leader in the building, operation, and maintenance of infrastructure upgrades, including applications such as federal, municipal, airports, education, commercial office buildings, and industrial environments, as well as a wide range of technical infrastructure.

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