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Green Tech Education partners with ABS to implement their Net Zero Mobility Hub

Established in 2008 Green Technical Education and Employment (Green Tech) is a community-based non-profit organization charged with providing quality workforce skills, education and health strategies to maintain sustainable communities.

Green Tech trains and develops "opportunity youth" with emerging green collar skills, introducing them to careers in building design and construction trades, science entrepreneurship and engineering. Green Tech students receive the academic, technical and workplace skills required to secure gainful employment in the green economic sector.  

The Challenge

The central concept of the Green Tech Net Zero  “mobility hub” is to help people get to work, job training, medical visits and general errands - all in zero emission vehicles.

The construction process was intended to be a learning opportunity for the students at Green Tech so that observations could be made on what goes into building a project of this nature.

The Solution

ABS provided Green Tech with a streamlined, guided, process that translated their vision and goals into tangible steps for a successful outcome.  This included:

  • Combining various transportation options, including shared zero emissions vehicles, an electric shuttle and and e-bikes in one facility - and making them accessible for the everyday mobility needs of the local community

  • Using pervious concrete to reduce environmental impact (Pervious concrete reduces untreated rain runoff into storm sewers, channels more water to tree roots and landscaping, and eliminates hydrocarbon pollution for asphalt pavements and sealers)

  • Landscaping the area with 15 new trees, 75 shrubs, and benches

  • Creating an area for a food truck to park

  • Providing Green Tech students with the opportunity to join the ABS team as paid interns for a portion of the project 

  • Donating approximately $70,000 in free/in-kind services to support the project


Noteworthy financial contributors include:

  • Sacramento Metro Air Quality Management District (SMAQMD)

  • Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD)

  • CA Air Resources Board (CARB)

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