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EV Charging Solutions

ABS Turn-key Solutions

EV sales are increasing—so is the need for faster, more-reliable charging solutions.

Alco Building Solutions can help.

We have a proven track record of providing customers with cost-effective, turn-key EV charging solutions. Our project team of certified and licensed electricians and engineers has designed customized charging stations to meet the needs of organizations across the western U.S. We handle everything from initial assessment and design through implementation and ongoing maintenance. We also handle all permitting and secure all state and federal funding/rebate opportunities.

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The ABS Advantage

The right equipment for each customer's needs. We are product agnostic. Since we’re not tied to any specific charger manufacturer or network, we can provide the ideal charging solution for each and every customer.


Industry expertise. Our certified and licensed electricians and engineers are experts in EV charging planning and road mapping, engineering, implementation, incentive/grant procurement, construction and aftercare. 

A trusted partner. Our team's technical knowledge, customer-centric focus, and commitment to flawless craftsmanship ensures a stress-free installation experience for our customers—and repeat business for ABS.

ABS Charging Station Services

Needs Assessment


Site Audits

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Road Mapping


Engineering Design

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Electrical Design


Funding Research



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Equipment Evaluation

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Utility Connection


On-site Generation

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Battery Storage

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Generation Analysis

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EV Roadmap

ABS employs a consultative approach to designing and building EV charging and electrical 
infrastructure projects with our customers.

Guiding our customers through the planning and design process is crucial. We develop a customized roadmap that perfectly aligns with each customer's electrification needs and goals.

A Rare Opportunity

The federal government wants 50% of all new passenger cars and light trucks sold in 2030 should be zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs).  (Zero-emission vehicles include both battery-electric vehicles (BEVs), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), and fuel-cell electric vehicles (FCEVs), which run on hydrogen.) As a result, it’s estimated that there will be approximately 35 million EVs on the road by 2030. 


The ideal ratio of EVs to charging stations is 40 Level 2 charging ports and 3.4 DC fast chargers for every 1,000 EVs. To meet that demand, we’ll need to build 487 charging ports every day for the next 8 years to support them.


This presents a tremendous opportunity for organizations across the U.S. 

Build it and they will come 

The benefits of installing EV charging stations at your business

 There has, quite literally, never been a better time to install EV charging at your business or organization. In addition to the new Federal and State incentives, rebates, and tax credits, there are several additional benefits your business will reap by adding EV charging. 

Offering EV charging attracts new customers

In today’s highly competitive landscape, business owners must think of creative ways to attract and keep customers. Transforming a parking lot into an EV charging destination is one of the most effective ways to achieve that.

Adding EV stations delivers extra value for both new and returning customers by allowing them to charge their cars while visiting a business. They also encourage customers to stay longer and spend more.

Since EV charging stations are listed on EV charging apps, businesses with EV charging are more likely to attract new customers looking for convenient opportunity charging.

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Access to EV charging increases customer loyalty

Consumers are engaging with sustainable businesses in ways that they previously ignored.

According to a survey from McKinsey & Co., 66% of all respondents and 75% of millennial respondents say that they consider sustainability when they make a purchase. Customers now align themselves with brands that are compatible with their values and priorities. 

An independent study commissioned by SmartEnergy reveals that consumers patronize brands with a commitment to environmental sustainability. The study found that 4 out of 5 people describe themselves as “likely to choose a brand with a positive approach to environmental sustainability” with 90% of respondents stating that “it is vital that society becomes more energy-conscious.”​

A commitment to sustainable solutions attracts and retains top talent

These days, organizations need to find new ways to entice employees back to the office and enhance the 'at work' experience.

Sustainability has never mattered more in the battle for talent—with 51% of employees stating they will no longer work for a company that doesn’t have strong social or environmental commitments. (Studies show that 91% of employers received positive feedback from employees for installing workplace charging.)

As the sales of electric vehicles continue to rise, EV chargers are becoming a must-have amenity for the modern workplace.​ Providing workplace charging is inexpensive compared to most other employee benefits, costing as little as $1.50/day for Level 2 charging.

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