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Does Your School Qualify?

To qualify for CalSHAPE grants, your Local Education Agency (LEA) must be:

  • A school district as defined in Section 41302.5 of the Education Code which includes:

    • County Boards of Education

    • County superintendents of schools

    • Direct elementary and secondary level instructional services provided by the state, including the Diagnostic Schools for Neurologically Handicapped Children as established under Article 1 (commencing with Section 59200) of Chapter 3 of Part 32 of the Education Code

  • A charter school that has been granted a charter under Part 26.8 (commencing with Section 47600) of Division 4 of Title 2 of the Education Code

  • A regional occupational center established under Section 52301 of the Education Code that is operated by a joint powers authority and that has an active career technical education advisory committee pursuant to Section 8070 of the Education Code

  • Located within the jurisdiction of specified electrical or natural gas corporations (Pacific Gas and Electric/PG&E, San Diego Gas and Electric/SDG&E) Southern California Edison/SCE, or Southern California Gas Company/SoCalGas


​​LEAs can apply for grants to conduct activities at schools that:

  • Are on a site owned by the LEA

  • Are on a publicly owned site, such as a site owned by a school district or other public entity, whether the LEA has a lease with that entity

  • Are on a privately-owned site, for which there is a lease with a term that exceeds the duration of the program, ending after December 1, 2026

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