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EV Charging Station Ownership

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 Start with a trusted provider

ABS created a subsidiary company—Alco Charging Solutions—specifically to help organizations design, install and manage EV charging solutions that meet their specific financial and environmental needs and goals. Alco Charging Solutions is exclusively focused on serving the Electric Vehicle Charging market in North America.  We operate as a technical resource that advocates for Battery-Powered Electric Vehicle (BEV) adoption by providing the infrastructure needed to "power" this movement. We understand that the decisions we make today will have a huge impact on the global environment. Being a catalyst for positive change is our mission. 

ACS Charging Station Services


Site Audits

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On-site Generation

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Utility Connections

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Battery Storage

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Electrical Design

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Generation Analysis

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Equipment Evaluation

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Incentives Review

The Alco Charging Solutions Advantage

  1. No upfront costs. ACS pays 100% of the upfront capital investment for station hosts who select our third-party ownership option.

  2. The right equipment for each customer's needs. We are product agnostic. Since we’re not tied to any specific charger manufacturer or network, we can provide the ideal charging solution for each and every customer.

  3. Industry expertise. Our certified and licensed electricians and engineers are experts in EV charging planning and road mapping, engineering, implementation, incentive/grant procurement, construction and aftercare. 

  4. A trusted partner. Our team's technical knowledge, customer-centric focus, and commitment to flawless craftsmanship ensures a stress-free installation experience for our customers—and repeat business for ACS.

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Third-Party Ownership Option

Alco Charging Solutions' third-party-ownership option eliminates the site host’s costs and responsibilities—while still delivering all of the benefits that hosting EV charging on-site provides.

  • Charging infrastructure is owned, installed, and maintained by ACS.

  • ACS pays 100% of the upfront capital investment for the design and installation of new charging stations.  WE will also handle all maintenance and upkeep costs.

Host-Owned Option

Under the site host-owned model, the charging infrastructure is purchased, installed, and maintained by our customer—the site host. 

  • The benefit to this option is that the site host maintains full control over the station and keeps all of the revenue the station provides

  • The downside is that the site host is responsible for all associated costs, maintenance, and transaction fees.

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The ACS Instillation Process

Listen and Learn

  • The intent of this first consultation is to gain a thorough understanding of each customer's specific wants, needs, and goals relative to EV charging.​

Preliminary Feasibility Assessment (PFA)

  • ​The ACS feasibility assessment begins with a site visit to explore and evaluate existing power options.

  • includes an analysis of the technical, economic, legal, operational and time feasibility factors associated with our customer's EV charging station project. 

  • The PFA will identify/establish possible solutions that minimize risk, maximize value and address any concerns/challenges our customers might have. 

  • The PFA will include a Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM), so that stakeholders and decision-makers have rough idea of the cost per recommended solution. Information on any available incentives and rebates will be presented at this stage as well.

Investment Grade Site Analysis

  • Providing investment grade audit & analysis data early in development is vital, and helps to streamline our collaboration with both our partners and customers.

  • ACS will identify all of pertinent information needed to advise our customer of any/all EV charging options that best meet their needs.

System Design

Determining the optimum design for each customer location is critical. Our engineers use the data and insights uncovered during the audit to evaluate:

  • Electrical supply requirement

  • Local accessibility laws

  • Existing infrastructure

  • Space challenges and opportunities

  • And, since it is a rapidly evolving industry, our engineers will research any new technology options that might benefit the customer.

Turn-key, Stress-free Construction

Large-scale Electric Vehicle Charging projects often require a nimble level of coordination, with stellar project management to ensure everything is completed on time & under budget—and complies with all ADA and federal requirements.


Our installation team is flexible, proactive and takes the time needed to plan all construction activities well in advance. Our "second-to-none" approach to construction provides a streamlined, stress-free experience for each of our customers.

Maintenance & Operations

Careful after-care protects your investment. Post project care & maintenance is an element of EV charging that is often overlooked. ACS offers our customers a variety of ways to ensure all equipment operates efficiently and effectively. 

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