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CalSHAPE 2022
Round 3 is now open
And we're here to help!

Now's the time to secure your grant

The CalSHAPE Ventilation and Plumbing Programs began accepting applications for Funding Round Three. 

  • Priority applications for districts qualifying as Disadvantaged Communities opened on June 21, 2022, at 10:00 a.m.

  • Applications for other sites open on August 2, 2022, at 10:00 a.m.

  • The application deadline for both programs is October 31, 2022, at 5:00 p.m.

Whether you’re applying as a Disadvantaged Community or not, you need to get your application submitted as soon as possible to secure maximum funding. Contact us as soon as possible and we’ll begin assessing your district’s HVAC and plumbing needs – at no cost to you.

This is the final round for grant applications, so you need to apply now to secure funding for your school. 

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Successful, hassle-free grant application process

CalSHAPE grant applications are accepted by the California Energy Commission on a first-come, first-served basis.


Alco Building Solutions will perform all application submission services, including site audits, at no cost. 


Most importantly, we will help your district secure maximum funding. 


Why Alco Building Solutions?

Alco is one of California’s most trusted energy service companies.








We are currently a full-service partner to 30+ school districts across the state, providing the turn-key—and stress-free—energy system upgrades schools require.

  • We have a 100% Success Rate securing CalSHAPE Grants for our school district customers

  • We have helped secure more than $8 million in grants for our district partners in Rounds 1 & 2

  • Every district that applied with ABS was awarded their full grant request amount

" I reached out to Alco Building Solutions at the last minute to help me with the CalSHAPE grant.  They have completely walked me through the application process. Without ABS our District would not be benefiting from these funding sources.  I recommend any district with limited staff and funding contact ABS to implement necessary upgrades to aging facilities"

Linda Mayfield, Director of MOTFW 

Mariposa County Unified School District

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Program Overview

Governor Newsom signed Assembly Bill (AB) 841/ The California Schools Healthy Air, Plumbing, and Efficiency (CalSHAPE) Program on September 30, 2020. The bill provides the funds districts need to assess HVAC systems and replace inefficient water fixtures over the course of three years (2021-2023).


CalSHAPE gives priority to disadvantaged districts. As many studies have found, districts that serve lower-income communities tend to have the poorest quality school facilities and the least funds available to improve conditions in their facilities. 

Funding for the CalSHAPE Program comes from the energy efficiency budgets of California’s large electric and gas investor-owned utilities.  The Program is administered by the California Energy Commission (CEC).


CalSHAPE includes two separate grant programs: Ventilation and Plumbing

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Does Your School Qualify?

To qualify for CalSHAPE grants, your Local Education Agency (LEA) must be:

  • A school district as defined in Section 41302.5 of the Education Code which includes:

    • County boards of education

    • County superintendents of schools

    • Direct elementary and secondary level instructional services provided by the state, including the Diagnostic Schools for Neurologically Handicapped Children as established under Article 1 (commencing with Section 59200) of Chapter 3 of Part 32 of the Education Code

  • A charter school that has been granted a charter pursuant to Part 26.8 (commencing with Section 47600) of Division 4 of Title 2 of the Education Code

  • A regional occupational center established pursuant to Section 52301 of the Education Code that is operated by a joint powers authority and that has an active career technical education advisory committee pursuant to Section 8070 of the Education Code

  • Located within the jurisdiction of specified electrical or natural gas corporations (Pacific Gas and Electric/PG&E, San Diego Gas and Electric/SDG&E) Southern California Edison/SCE, or Southern California Gas Company/SoCalGas


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The Ventilation Program

In recent years, comparative risk studies performed by the EPA have consistently ranked indoor air pollution among the top five environmental risks to public health. Exposure to air pollution is already a concern for children’s health, and a sizable "Link exists between academic achievement and air quality.”

The CalSHAPE Ventilation Program provides funding to local educational agencies for “the reasonable costs of HVAC assessment, general maintenance and adjustment, filter replacement, and carbon dioxide monitor installation including certain repairs, replacements, and other improvements to HVAC systems.”

CalSHAPE Ventilation prioritizes investments in facilities in underserved communities and those located near freeways or industrial facilities.



  • An LEA may submit up to three applications for Ventilation Program funds in each funding round

  • Awards are limited to HVAC Assessment and Maintenance Grants

  • All project requirements must be completed, no funding is provided for partial projects

  • Grants will be the amount requested by LEA and verified with a contractor estimate

  • The contractor’s estimate must only be for reasonable costs of project requirements

  • Advance payment of 50% of the grant award

The Plumbing Program

The Plumbing Program “provides grants to local educational agencies and state agencies to replace noncompliant plumbing fixtures and appliances that fail to meet water efficiency standards.” As with the Ventilation Program, the CalSHAPE Plumbing Program prioritizes schools in underserved communities.



  • An LEA may submit up to three applications for Plumbing Program funds in each funding round

  • Applications must include documentation confirming plumbing fixtures and appliances qualify as non-compliant

  • The final report must include documentation to verify the installation of water-conserving plumbing fixtures and appliances

  • LEAs must dispose or recycle all noncompliant plumbing fixtures and appliances in compliance with all local requirements

  • Grant awards will be the amount requested by LEA and verified with a contractor estimate

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Find out how ABS can help your district secure and optimize CalSHAPE funding.

Thanks for submitting!

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