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August 18, 2020



Alco Building Solutions, Inc., Chosen to Lead the Comprehensive LED Lighting and Efficiency Initiative at the University of California, Santa Barbara

Arcadia, California – August 18, 2020 – Alco Building Solutions, Inc. (ABS is pleased to announce it has signed an exclusive contract to conduct a comprehensive audit, design, and execution of LED lighting and lighting control projects at the esteemed University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). Leveraging its expertise in energy efficiency, ABS emerged victorious from a rigorous competitive bidding process, securing a groundbreaking opportunity to revolutionize campus-wide energy conservation measures over the next three years.

Specializing in delivering robust solutions across the higher education, community college, K-12, and private education sectors, ABS has established a track record of energy infrastructure excellence. The award from UCSB stands as a testament to ABS's capabilities, showcasing the company's aptitude in offering cutting-edge solutions that align seamlessly with the University's commitment to sustainability and technological advancement. This remarkable achievement builds upon ABS's earlier recognition, including the School Project for Utility Rate Reduction (SPURR) awarded earlier in the year. SPURR, a Joint Powers Authority (JPA), unites over 250 member California K-12 public school districts, community college districts, and county offices of education under a shared mission to enhance energy efficiency.

Joshua Veblen, Chief Operating Officer of ABS, highlighted the company's multifaceted expertise: "Our daily undertakings encompass projects targeting energy efficiency, energy generation, energy storage, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and general construction for our clients. As a licensed General B (Builder) & C-10 (Electrical) contractor, bolstered by a dedicated professional services and engineering team, we deliver unparalleled support in energy 'road-mapping' and master planning. Collaborating with the University of California, Santa Barbara, is truly an honor."

With this partnership, ABS is set to facilitate a transformation that underscores the University's commitment to environmental stewardship, while also contributing to ABS's growing legacy of innovation and excellence in the realm of energy-efficient solutions.


About ABS:

Founded in 1995, Alco Building Solutions (ABS) originally launched as an electrical contracting firm. ABS expanded its scope by obtaining a General B license in 2004. Today, ABS stands as a comprehensive building solutions firm, offering an extensive array of services, including general construction, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, energy efficiency solutions, energy generation systems, and cutting-edge battery storage solutions. The company has evolved into a recognized leader in the field, renowned for its adept operation and maintenance of critical infrastructure across diverse sectors.

For more information about ABS’s groundbreaking projects and innovative solutions, please visit To explore ABS’s Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure initiatives, please visit the affiliate website at


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