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April 8, 2020



Alco Building Solutions Inc. Secures Turnkey LED Lighting & Controls Contract through SPURR Across California


Arcadia, California – April 8, 2020 – Alco Building Solutions Inc. (ABS) has proudly announced its selection as an award recipient in response to a public sector Request for Proposal (RFP) via the School Project for Utility Rate Reduction (SPURR). SPURR, a public agency functioning as a Joint Powers Authority (JPA) with over 250 member California K-12 public school districts, community college districts, and county offices of education, has extended this significant opportunity to ABS following a rigorous selection process.

This achievement marks a significant strategic milestone for ABS, enabling the company to undertake the design, procurement, and implementation of LED Lighting and Control projects directly for public agencies across California. ABS's involvement ensures time and cost savings for clients and the local community, streamlining the path to project realization. Central to this collaboration is the "piggyback" provision incorporated in SPURR's Request for Proposal and the resultant SPURR Master Contract (SMC) with ABS. This clause grants any public agency (and limited non-profit entities) within California the ability to participate in the program. SPURR anticipates widespread utilization of California Government Code sections 4217.10 to 4217.18 (GC 4217) concerning Energy Conservation Contracts, providing public agencies with a transparent and competitive procurement process.


Advantages of the SPURR Program: Under SPURR's LED Program RFP and the ensuing SPURR Master Contracts, participants stand to gain several advantages:

  • Access to competitively priced LED lighting equipment through aggregated purchasing.

  • Efficient vendor engagement due to reduced proposal requirements.

  • Transparent, competitive procurement fostering credibility and confidence.

  • Evaluation of standardized pricing prior to discussions with ABS.

  • Holistic Design-Build approach, including Design, Procurement, Utility Incentive Recognition, and Implementation.

About the School Project for Utility Rate Reduction (SPURR)

SPURR harnesses collective purchasing power and expertise for California public education agencies and eligible entities. The agency administers procurement and consulting programs spanning natural gas, electricity, LED lights, solar energy, telecommunications, internal networking, and expense management. Operating as an alliance, SPURR empowers public education agencies and other eligible entities to achieve efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

In its procurement process, SPURR typically will:

  • Publish an RFP and invite dozens of prospective vendors to submit pricing and terms.

  • Answer vendor questions and obtain clarifications to responses.

  • Evaluate compliant responses, using price as the most important factor, but not the only one.

  • Select winning vendors for awards of specific items or services.

  • Enter into SPURR Master Contracts (SMCs) with the winning vendors and make the included pricing and terms available to “Eligible Entities” in California.

About ABS:

Founded in 1995, Alco Building Solutions (ABS) originally launched as an electrical contracting firm. ABS expanded its scope by obtaining a General B license in 2004. Today, ABS stands as a comprehensive building solutions firm, offering an extensive array of services, including general construction, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, energy efficiency solutions, energy generation systems, and cutting-edge battery storage solutions. The company has evolved into a recognized leader in the field, renowned for its adept operation and maintenance of critical infrastructure across diverse sectors.

For more information about ABS’s groundbreaking projects and innovative solutions, please visit To explore ABS’s Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure initiatives, please visit the affiliate website at


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