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CVS Health Partners with ABS to Upgrade Lighting in 122 Stores

Updated: Jan 7

Renowned as an innovative organization, CVS Health is committed to solving the most complex public health challenges of our time. There are four key pillars to their strategy: Healthy People, Healthy Business, Healthy Community, and Healthy Planet.

Their commitment to improving the health of the planet is yielding very positive results. They accomplished the following in 2021:

  • Reduced energy consumption by 33,500 MWh. (Their goal is to achieve net zero emissions by 2050)

  • Reduced paper use by 70%

  • Diverted 50% of all waste to recycling or reuse

  • Eliminated 500,000 empty truck miles through their backhaul program

One of the ways CVS Health was able to reduce energy consumption was to replace inefficient lighting in their stores with high-efficiency LED lighting and controls. Alco Building Solutions partnered in that effort by implementing both interior & exterior LED lighting upgrades in 152 CVS Pharmacy locations throughout California. ABS collaborated with strategic partner Wesco Distributions' National Retail Group to secure this project.

The projects at CVS Pharmacy California locations are part of a larger phased rollout that began in 2015. Since then, CVS Health has achieved more than $30 million dollars in cumulative savings and a 26% reduction in carbon intensity when compared to 2010 baseline information.

ABS President, Allan Cook, was quoted as saying “It’s such an honor serving our clients and strategic partners in this capacity. We are more committed than ever to perform at a level that exceeds our partner's expectations, which is why this new opportunity has presented itself in the first place. We care deeply about doing the right thing and honoring the commitments we’ve made relative to our team members' abilities/performance. We can’t wait to get busy!”

Chris Tracy, with Wesco’s National Retail Group, also added – “First let me say that we can’t thank ABS enough for the good work that they are doing! Moving forward, we intend to partner with ABS on all projects where their team can add value in the West Coast Market, and beyond. We look forward to a great working relationship in 2019 and we have been very impressed with ABS at all levels.”

About Alco Building Solutions, Inc.

Founded in 1995, Alco Building Solutions (ABS) has built a reputation for superior craftsmanship and customer service. As a licensed General B (Construction) Contractor, C-10 (Electrical) Contractor, and Certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE) in the State of California, ABS offers a full suite of solutions to meet the needs of our diverse client base.

ABS is a recognized leader in the building, operation, and maintenance of infrastructure including applications such as federal, municipal, airports, education, commercial office buildings, and industrial sites, as well as a wide range of technical infrastructure.

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